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The UFO Jihad

Welcome to my website, my contribution to 21st century literature. Actually, it's more of a silly way to get my name into print. About the only things of mine to ever get into print before - was my Fingers!

I wrote the UFO Jihad as a short story not long after the alleged terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. It wasn't too long after that when got to wondering, where the heck are the UFO's and space people now that we really need them.???

Don't our mysterious UFO visitors realize our decadent infidel western world would be ripe for the plucking? Really sly creatures for another world could conquer our own so easily. With the so-called 'war on terrorism' going on - the UFO's could win that 'war' so easily - with a version of The UFO Jihad.

Chapter 1....Jihad from the skies..

Chapter 2 ...a curious rewrite of human history

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

In the UFO Jihad, the alien creatures are reptiles instead of human. Of course, intelligent reptoids are quite commonplace in alien contacts. To read more about the elusive space creatures, and to see what they really look like.... click here....